Hey, i'm Nuno Alves!

I'm an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, Full Stack Software Developer and currently working full time as an Engineering Manager. During my professional path i've worked on some companies like Siemens, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Coriant, Infinera, Talkdesk and Onfido.

I started my career working on embedded systems, programming in C / C++. During this time i started to play management roles also, either doing Team Leading, either Engineering / Project Management. After some years, switched my core language to Java, but i never stop learning new technologies. Currently i spend my professional time as an Engineering Manager but use my free time to keep learning and base my side projects on JavaScript with MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, ReactJS and Node.JS) or JAMStack - JavaScript, APIs and Markup - loving Next.JS.

This website was built using Next.JS, APIs (Firebase e.g.) and MDX!

I was born in Torres Novas, Portugal, studied at Universidade de Aveiro and worked also in Aveiro. Afterwards moved to work in Lisbon, first office based, then partially remote since 2011 and now full remote now since March 2020.

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